Fairest Creature

2018 Perihelios

2018 Perihelios

2018 Perihelios

In the first chapter of his famous work, The Zhuangzi, Chinese Taoist philosopher Zhuang Tzu describes a gigantic sea creature so vast in size that its body is an unknown number of miles long. In a passage entitled “The Carefree Excursion,” Zhuang chronicles the transformation of this sea creature, K’un, into an equally immense bird, Peng:

When it rouses itself and flies, its wings obscure the sky like clouds.

A symbol of incredible strength and magnitude, K’un represents Thomas’s wine, Perihelios.

“Sourced from a tapestry of some of the finest vineyards in Napa Valley, this wine exhibits decadent complexity, fathoms of depth, and a sleek concentrated palate, interwoven with dark fruit and complementary spice notes. In the glass, the wine displays a nearly opaque purple-black hue, with a dark ruby halo. Aromas suggest kirsch, lavender oil, crushed bramble fruit, and mint leaf. The mouthfeel and trajectory offer a silky, multi-layered experience. Vivid palate notes include blackberry compote, fresh loam, dark chocolate shavings, graphite and cedar bark. Overall the wine possesses a vaulted set of elements that elevate the traditional experience of Cabernet Sauvignon into a mythic wine.”

—Thomas Rivers Brown