Philippe Melka

A Bordeaux native, Philippe always lights up the room with his enthusiasm for winemaking. After more than 20 years in the Napa Valley, he has gained a deep understanding of the terroir. Philippe’s celebrated Cabernet Sauvignon style is a masterly mélange of French winemaking traditions and modern technology, resulting in a precise, pure, and elegant wine.

In the country of green hills lives the fox with nine tails.

This line from the ancient Chinese text, Classic of Mountains and Waters, tells of a nine-tailed fox that is said to only appear when during peaceful times, under benevolent rulers. Rarely seen, the mysterious fox is recognized as an auspicious sign.

The sensation of sipping Philippe’s wine, Polyspline, is one of out-of-this-world grace. It’s a rare, precious, fleeting moment, much like catching sight of a nine-tailed fox.