Michel Rolland

Born into a winemaking family in Pomerol, Michel was destined to make a lasting impact in the wine industry. Apart from being a superstar oenologist, he is also recognized as the godfather of blending, and provides wine consultancy to clients all over the world.

Michel blends Fairest Creature’s flagship magnum wine, Triniceros, by picking the best barrel selection from each of our three renowned winemakers. It is only available in the magnum format, and is extremely limited in production (around 500 magnum bottles).

Triniceros is derived from the Latin roots trini (three) and ceros (horns), and symbolizes the three virtuosos behind this wine. The image of Triniceros is derived from a mythical beast named Qilin in Chinese culture. This hybrid creature has the head of a dragon, the body of a tiger or a deer, and an ox’s tail.