Jayson Hu

Jayson discovered his special interest in and talent for wine tasting while he was fresh out of school working as an electronic engineer in Silicon Valley. His newfound passion quickly drove him to become a fanatic devotee of several wine regions, including the Rhône, Burgundy, and Napa.

For the past decade, Jayson acquainted himself with the Napa Valley’s most elite producers and their wines. He is now considered to be the leading Chinese authority on Napa wine.

When the day came that even the most luscious and hedonistic Napa Cabernet became banal to Jayson, he knew that he had to create his own wine. And not just any wine with a fancy label, but THE wine.

Jayson’s experience has led him to believe that blending makes an extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignon. To create the greatest blend possible, he gathered Napa’s three most talented winemakers, sourced fruit from the finest vineyards throughout the Valley, and brought Michel Rolland on board to form the ultimate dream team of winemaking.