Benoit Touquette

Witty in conversation and intense about his work, Benoit began his wine journey in his hometown, obtaining degrees in Oenology and Chemistry at the University of Bordeaux. Aided by his friend and mentor Michel Rolland and eager to explore the world, he moved to the Napa Valley in the early 2000s. Benoit’s signature seductive wine style quickly garnered consecutive 100-point accolades from Robert Parker. His dedication and raw talent have been credited with transforming a struggling small winery into one of the Valley’s most exciting estates.

And now, this sexy beast (if you know Benoit, you’re chuckling right now) has made yet another breathtaking Cabernet beauty for FAIREST CREATURE, the Sine Fine.

The great poet from Tang Dynasty Po Chü-i writes:
On high, we’d be two love birds flying wing to wing,
On earth, two trees with branches twined from spring to spring.

Inseparable birds are a classic symbol of love and intimacy in Chinese culture. With one set of wings, the blue bird and the red bird are bound together forever, and will never separate. Like the birds, the intense passion and love of our newlywed friend Benoit has been beautifully translated into this wine.